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Gary is the concept of man-child loser personified. He can occasionally be very charming, and even kind of sweet, but these moments are very rare, especially when he's been drinking. Which says something, since he's constantly under the influence of something, and hasn't really been sober since 1992. He has an (as of yet) undiagnosed bi-polar disorder, for which he self-medicates with alcohol and narcotics. He may pass as a functional addict for about the first two minutes, after which it becomes clear that he really, really isn't.

For Gary, it's still 1990. He still thinks he's 18, and the king of his own little world. The highest point of his life was a failed pub crawl the day he graduated sixth-form, and as far as he's concerned, the last 23 years have all been downhill from there. Gary's four best friends are all people he hasn't spoken with since '97, after a near-fatal overdose led to a near-fatal car wreck. He not only still listens to the Sisters of Mercy, but he still wears the same t-shirt he bought in 1987. That trench coat? The same one he got as a teenager. Those Doc Martens? They're practically antiques. In fact, the only memories he doesn't retain from his youth are those where he fucked over his friends and was generally a toxic influence to everyone around him.

He currently lives in a squat in London with a bunch of people half his age. No-one really wants him there, but he remains because everyone seems to think everyone else likes him for some reason. They don't.

He does resemble several other people in the bar. Aside from his dyed-black hair and mildly-scarred face, he's also taller than the others (he's around 6'1". IDK how Edgar Wright makes Nicholas Angel look so short, while making Gary look as tall as he does. Edgar Wright is magic). He also looks every one of his 41 years, plus maybe a few more.

For other pups played by the same mun, go here.

Gary's timeline on Milliways.

Gary King is from The World's End, and is the property of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, and Working Title Films. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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